Welcome to Wrangell St. Elias National Park


Always an adventure, one step at a time.

Alaska’s Fastest Growing Sport!

Join us for a packrafting course.

13.2 Million Acres of Wild

Come explore and take a truly deep breath.

Hike on the Root Glacier

Use crampons to explore the dynamic glacier landscape!

Escape the Crowds

KWG works to bring you into vast and real wilderness.

Dreaming of a True Alaska Wilderness Experience?

Wrangell St. Elias National Park hiking and mountain adventure tours.

Ice Climbing

No experience necessary! Let KWG show you the ropes.


Come explore a day hike on the dynamic landscape of the Root Glacier.  Glacier hiking, ice climbing, alpine hikes, and rivers.

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Ice Climbing

Combine the excitement and technical skills of learning to climb while seeing some of the glaciers hidden gems.

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Experience this new exciting Alaskan sport in a uniquely glacial setting

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Multi-Day Trips

KWG looks beyond the pages of the guide books, and finds unique and creative trips that suit your objectives

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