Multi-Day Trips Overview

The excitement for your backcountry adventure begins the minute you first contact us.

What sets us apart?

Our guides. Plain and simple. Our guides are a well rounded, passionate group of innovators, educators, athletes and mountain lovers.  Our trips are more than just work for our guides… They are the adventures we choose to do on our personal time as well.  Every one of our backcountry guides is a returning guide, and has spent many nights out on both guided and personal trips.

Our trip choices. Every one of our backcountry adventures is offered as a custom and private trip.  The time frames we have listed in the trip descriptions are suggested trip lengths. We work with you to design the place, the length of trip and the guide that best fit your needs.

Our Backyard.   Wrangell-St. Elias is the largest park in the National Park System.  The 13.2 million acres of wilderness lends itself to some of the most pristine off the beaten path hiking that you could ever imagine.  Wrangell-St. Elias is the only place that KWG operates, it’s not only our specialty, it’s our home.

Our Dedication. We spend as much time as is necessary to plan your ultimate Wrangell Mountain backcountry trip.

KWG looks beyond the pages of the guide books and finds unique and creative trips that suit your objectives.  The trips listed on our website are only a few of the trips we offer.  Contact us to learn more about the many trips that travel further off the beaten path.

All Multi-Day Trip are priced for the 2021 season.  Trip Prices include:

  • Unlimited pre-trip planning.
  • Small ratios: 1 guide for groups up to 4 people. 2 guides for groups of 5+ (additional porters may be requested for any group size at an additional cost)
  • Airfare into the backcountry (when applicable)
  • Healthy, nutritious food customized to your tastes.
  • Cooking gear/fuel
  • Backpacking pack (if needed)
  • Sleeping bag/pad combo (if needed)
  • Camp Shelter: Black Diamond Mega Lite
  • Technical gear: Crampons, ropes, technical climbing equipment (when traveling in glacial terrain)
  • Tent (sized appropriately for your size group)
  • Leave no Trace and Bear Safety education/ ethics.
  • SAT phone & Delorme InReach

Packraft Trip Cost Includes (includes all items listed above, plus the following):

  • 2015 – 2020 Alpacka Packraft
  • Kokatat Drysuit or Dry bibs and tops (trip dependent)
  • Werner Paddle
  • Paddle Gloves, neoprene socks, helmets
  • Personal Flotation Device
  • High Quality Werner Paddle
  • Waterproof Drybags for your gear

Trip Cost does NOT include:

  • Guide Gratuity
  • Day packs (for basecamping day hikes)
  • Personal Clothing & Gear
  • Alcohol in the backcountry
  • Pre & Post trip lodging
  • Transportation to and from Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Look below to help determine what kind of multi-day adventure interests you most!  Choose from basecamping, backpacking and packrafting trips or contact us to design a custom hybrid.

Basecamping trips involve flights into the backcountry, and camping near enough to the airstrip that it is easy to set up a comfortable camp.  These trips focus on taking day hikes with a small, lightweight day-pack.  Basecamping trips are great for families or people who are looking for the wilderness adventures without carrying heavy backpacks.  Day hikes can range from a mellow amble, to a demanding full day, depending on what you want.

Basecamping Overview

TripDifficulty/Terrain DaysHighlights
The Fosse~Easy to Very Hard
~Alpine, Glacier, Rocky
2-5 daysGlaciers, fields of wildflowers, iceburg filled glacial lake, possible technical climbing objectives.
Nizina Glacier~Easy to Medium
~Moderately Rocky, Light Bushes
~Family Friendly
2-5 daysMountain and valley views, glacial lake with floating/calving icebergs, dynamic geology, opportunity to include packrafting.
Nikolai Pass~Easy to Hard
~Alpine, Rocky
~Possibility of steep, exposed and bushy
3-5 daysMountain and valley views, possible wildlife sightings, incredible wildflowers, world class ridgehiking and dynamic geology.
Steamboat Hills~Easy to Medium
~Possibility of steep ascents
~Family Friendly
3-5 daysAlpine hiking at its best, picturesque alpine lakes, huge views.
Skolai Pass~Easy to Medium
~Possibility of steep, rocky terrain and cold stream crossings
~Family Friendly
3-6 daysStunning views, multiple hiking options, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, alpine lakes.
Hidden Gems~Easy to Very Hard
~Alpine, Glacier, Rocky
2 or more nightsOur most customizable trip. Options of vast wilderness experience away from other park visitors.
Backpacking trips can start and/or end in at our office in Kennicott, or we can take a plane further into the backcountry.  You will need to be able to carry a pack on these trips that range from 35 – 50 lbs through a variety of terrain depending on the length and type of trip. 

Backpacking Overview

TripDifficulty/Terrain DaysHighlights
Guide's Choice~Easy to Very Hard
~Alpine, Glacier, Rocky
4 or more daysCustomizable trip with options of vast wilderness experience away from other park visitors.
Root Glacier~Medium to Hard
~Glacier, rocky
~Possibility of steep, exposed, and bushes
3-5 daysAmazing variety of rewarding camping and hiking without the need for a flight makes this one of our most affordable and flexible options.
Ridges Rock Glaciers and Rivers~Hard
~Alpine, rocky, steep, exposed and bushy
3-5 daysAlpine ridgewalking that you will dream of forever. Travel through three ecosystems. Possibility of wildlife.
The Classic Hike Back~Hard
~Rocky, steep, sustained sidehilling
6-8 daysWilderness views at their best: large alpine lakes, wildflowers, big mountains, iceberg filled lake.
The Ultra-Classic Hike Back~Very Hard
~ Steep, technical, rocky, cold stream crossings, glaciers.
7-8 daysSee the wilderness in its infinite forms. Travel over several major passes, cross glaciers, forge creeks, challenge yourself and reap the rewards.
Shoulders of the Giants~Very Hard
~ Steep, bushy, rocky, alpine and glacial travel, creek crossings
7-8 daysPanoramic views, classic alpine ridge hiking. Huge variety of terrain. Engaging challenges.
Forever Alpine~Medium to Hard
~ Steep, rocky, alpine, light bushes
~Family Friendly
5-7 daysStunning above brush-line alpine hiking. Incredible mountain views, wildflowers and alpine lakes. Chance to visit a historic mining bunkhouse.
Packrafting can be an exciting component to add to a backcountry trip or to design a whole trip around!  Packrafting trips can leave from or return to our office with no flight, or they can involve a plane to take us further into the backcountry.  We are constantly innovating new ways to bring packrafts to the backcountry.  Prior wilderness packrafting experience is necessary for all of our down river guided multi-day packrafting trips.  If you do not have any previous experience, we can work with your schedule to plan the appropriate amount of pre-trip training days on some of our local rivers to develop the skills necessary to be successful prior to your backcountry trip. 

Multi-Day Packrafting Overview

TripDifficulty/Terrain DaysHighlights
Packrafting Courses~Medium to Very Hard
~Cold water, Class II-III rapids
2 days (3rd day optional)Designed to learn skills necessary to become a competent packrafter in the wilderness. Level one and two courses available. Optional Fly-Out trip on 3rd day.
Lakina Packraft Traverse~Hard
~Steep, exposed, cold water, class III rapids
~Prior whitewater experience necessary
6-8 daysHike and float through a variety of mountain terrain with stunning views, alpine lakes, and exceptional hiking. Put your packrafting skills to the test!
Interested in a group trip?

If you are interested in joining another group, feel free to contact us, as some of our clients are open to, and looking for other travelers to join their trip.