The Ultra-Classic Hike Back

Skolai to Kennicott

Trip Description

The Ultra Classic Hikeback just started getting explored by our guides a few years ago and has been a unanimous five star trip for all that have completed it.  It is the true Wrangell Mt backpacking challenge; one of our most strenuous multi-day adventures.  This hike is great for experienced Alaska backpackers, someone who is looking for fast and light adventure, or the backpacker looking to take their experience to the next level.

The route crosses four major passes and five major valley glaciers. The plane will fly from McCarthy and drop us off at Skolai Pass to start our hike back to Kennicott.  From Skolai Pass you will cross Skolai Creek and travel North to Frederika Glacier.  The first of our passes brings us over a snowy alpine glacier to some incredible alpine looking over the Rohn Glacier.

The descent through the alpine will bring you to the largest glacier crossing of the trip where the Rohn and Regal Glaciers form the impressive Nizina Glacier.  The second large ascent begins on the high pass above the West Fork Glacier.  After descending to and crossing this glacier, you are brought to a steep climb.

The rugged ridge above the McCarthy Creek drainage makes for tricky rout finding and requires some travel on exposed slopes but will bring you to the toe of the the McCarthy Creek Glacier and bottom of your final ascent.  One more hike in alpine brings you to views of the 7,000 ft. Stairway Icefall.  This ascent takes you to great camping and mind blowing views.  From here a day of traveling down the Root Glacier will bring you to the welcome Root Glacier Trail.  About five miles of trail hiking will take you home to Kennicott.

This trip involves 2 semi-technical passes which, depending on mountain conditions and previous client experience, may require the use of roped travel using running protection or similar alpine climbing techniques.  Although previous self arrest and/or alpine climbing experience is nice for this trip, it is not required.

This is a long route with no possible food resupply drop off location, so you should be prepared to carry a 35-50 lb (16 – 23 kg) over a variety of steep, loose, variable terrain.  You should also be prepared to move camp everyday and plan on efficiently being on the move for at least 7-8 hours a day.

2020 Pricing

Prices listed are a PER PERSON price, based on the number of clients in your group and the length of your trip. These prices include airfare.

Ultra-Classic Hike Back (Backcountry Airfare From McCarthy Included)
Number of Clients7 Days8 Days+

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