Skolai Pass

Trip Description

Once you get out of the plane in Skolai, it will likely take a few minutes of looking around in awe before you’re ready to put your pack on and start moving, but as soon as you do, you’ll continue to be amazed!  Skolai Pass is an incredible place to spend a few days exploring the remote beauty of the Wrangells, with many great options for day hikes and some stunning campsites.

Heading east from the airstrip will bring you to a great view overlooking the Russell Glacier and Upper Skolai Lake.  If you’re still feeling adventurous, you can head on up into Chitistone Pass to continue exploring and get some wonderful views.  There are also some great campsites in this area. You can also camp near the airstrip and explore from there; either way will be wonderful.  Heading south from the airstrip will bring you to the Hole-In-The-Wall Glacier, with seven magnificent hanging glaciers coming down to the base of Mt. Baldwin.

Skolai is a spectacular destination, with plenty to keep you busy with a variety of different hikes and amazing views.  As with Steamboat Hills, Skolai Pass offers great opportunities for first time backpackers and families to learn some of the wilderness skills essential for backcountry excursions in the future.  Let us know what your skill sets you are interested in learning, and we will work it into your itinerary.

Please note that although Skolai Pass is an amazing destination, there are busy times of the year where it receives lots of groups and traffic.  KWG will keep a close eye on traffic patterns with our air service partners.  If we learn that there will be other large groups in the area at the same time, we will offer alternative suggestions of other alpine hiking destinations that will offer similar agendas in order to avoid the crowds.

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Trip Highlights:
Variety of hiking possibilities above brush line. Views of large valley glaciers and hanging glaciers alike. Stunning views. Ability to learn wilderness skills for an introductory backcountry adventure. Flexible backcountry itinerary

Terrain Challenges May Include:
Slightly uneven vegetated and rocky walking surfaces. Possibility of sections of steep elevation gain and loss to reach ridgetops and mountain passes, possibility of very light bushwhacking. Possibility of cold water stream crossings.

Available Season:
Late June – Early September

Suggested Timeframe:
3 – 6 days

2021 Pricing

Prices listed are a PER PERSON price, based on the number of clients in your group and the length of your trip. Contact us for groups larger then 4.

Skolai Pass (Backcountry Airfare From McCarthy Included)
Number of Clients3 Days4 Days+

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