Shoulders of the Giants

Backpacking Trip Description: Shoulders of the Giants

This trip involves covering a lot of challenging  terrain, and is one of the hardest trips we have listed.

The trip starts off in May Creek, one of the larger bush strips in Alaska.  There is still an active community of residents that lives in the area.

From the airstrip, we follow what’s left of a historic road to Chititiu Camp, a ghost town that last saw mining activity in the 70’s.  Hiking up the Rex Creek drainage, we will cross the creek many times.  From the creek bed, we ascend to the alpine, where some snow travel brings you to the top of Rex Pass.

From Rex pass, we head Northeast under the shoulder of Pyramid peak which leads to a steep pass that brings us into the Canyon Creek drainage.  The views and camping from this pass are unmatched on a clear day, and Canyon Creek offers powerful and amazing views.

One of the cruxes of the trip is the extremely steep descent that goes from the pass between Canyon Creek and the Twaharpies Glacier.  This descent to the Twaharpies Glacier is steep and exposed and follows challenging terrain through a series of sidehilling gully canyons. We will be happy when we reach our camp at the Twaharpies Glacier.  From here, we head down the Twaharpies to Glacier Creek where we will experience some moderate bushwhacking to the airstrip near the confluence of Glacier Creek and the Chitistone River.

On a clear days, you will be greeted with in-your-face- views of the Wrangell and St. Elias Mountain ranges.  This route offers incredible alpine and ridge hiking, ever changing views of Pyramid Peak, and distant mountain panoramas.

There are sections of moderate to heavy bushwhacking, very steep snow covered ascents with the possibility of roping up for some exposed sections, and extremely steep descents over variable and often loose terrain.  If you are looking for a true wilderness trip that offers strong challenges with stunning hiking surfaces, then you should consider joining us for the Shoulders of the Giants trip.

2020 Pricing

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Shoulders of the Giants (Backcountry Airfare From McCarthy Included)
Number of Clients7 Days8 Days+

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