Nikolai Pass

Trip Description

Located close to McCarthy, a quick and affordable flight in a super cub will drop you around 5000 ft elevation, into an alpine paradise!  This is the true epitome of alpine broad ridge hiking. Enjoy looking at the many alpine plants adapted to living in harsh conditions, Watch the Dall sheep this region is famous for, and take in the breathtaking views of the Chitistone Gorge and Nizina River Valley nearly a vertical mile below. Turn around to see Mt. Blackburn looming above the far off Kennicott Valley, as well as hundeds of unnamed peaks.

From Nikolai you can base camp in the alpine and never have to carry a heavy pack, or start a more strenuous muti-day backpacking loop hike with roundtrip air service into the alpine.  Because of the many different options that are available in this area, let us know what type of experience you are looking for, and we will work to match you up with the perfect Nikolai experience!

Nikolai is one of the hidden gems in the area, and it is just a stone’s throw away.

Due to the nature of the airstrip, all returning flights back to McCarthy will have to be in the morning before the afternoon winds make it harder to fly.  Because KWG wants to make sure you get the fullest adventure out of your days with us, you will be able to have your guide for the entire day once you are back in the Kennicott Valley for an adventure on the glacier, or along the glacier’s edge.

2021 Pricing

Prices listed are a PER PERSON price, based on the number of clients in your group and the length of your trip. Contact us for groups larger then 4.

Nikolai Pass (Backcountry Airfare From McCarthy Included)
Number of Clients3 Days4 Days+

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