Packraft Race

3rd Annual McCarthy Creek Packraft Race

Saturday July 18, 2015

Last year the 2nd Annual McCarthy Creek Packraft Race was a huge success, we hope this year will bring even more packrafters to the Wrangells!

The McCarthy Creek Packraft Race is the center piece of the McCarthy Whitewater Festival, taking place July 17-19, in McCarthy-Kennicott.  The festival includes a film night, packraft race, in-town games, boater cross, community regatta and two nights of music and celebrations.

 Thank you to all the participants and volunteers in last years festival!

  We are currently working on details for this year and will be posting more updates soon…

2014 McCarthy Creek Packraft Race Participants

Up & Over: Cliff Wilson- Anchorage AK, Jerry Little- Chugiak AK, Ryan Rupert-Anchorage AK, Sean Gerhardt- Anchorage AK, Jules Hanna- Portland OR, Brian Hasebe- Spokane WA, Killian Sump- Anchorage AK, Mike Loso- McCarthy AK, Kyle Myers- McCarthy AK, Stephen Schmidt- Santa Fe NM, Tim Lee- Shoqualmie WA, Russ Devries- Anchorage AK, Ryan Hickel, Steve Duby- Nulato AK, Erin Popek- Anchorage AK, Nathan Child- Snowmass CO, Mat Brunton- Anchorage AK, Shasta Hood- Anchorage AK, Alex Gould- Fairbanks AK, Eric Mundahl- Anchorage AK

Z-Rock: Paul Lafrance- Wasilla AK, Cody Landenburger- Anchorage AK, Nancy Cook-McCarthy AK, Wil Brown- Anchorage AK, Rebecca King- Eagle River AK, Khalial Withen- Anchorage AK, Zach Fields- Anchorage AK, Ingrid Eng-Anchorage AK, Marta Krynytzky- Chugiak AK

Race Results

Up & Over:

1st– Killian Sump 3 hours 51 minutes

2nd– Mat Brunton 4 hours 10 minutes

3rd– Eric Mundahl 4 hours 19 minutes


1st-Paul Lafrance 1 hour 50 minutes

2nd– Cody Landenburger 2 hours 27 minutes

3rd– Wil Brown 2 hours 45 minutes

2014 was the first year for a new event, The Boater Cross!

Boater Cross Participants:

Jonathan Neville, Ryan Motz, Kirin Riddell,
 Wil Brown,
 Dasan Marshall,
 Candyce Rodrick-Montepare, 
Monte Montepare, 
Jared Steyaert,
 Kyle Meyers,
 Fletcher Tague,
 Killian Sump,
 Spencer Williamson,
 Shelton, Rik Nielsen, John Lloyd, Renee Welty

Winners Of Kayak Cross

1st– Jeff

2nd– Spencer Williamson

Winners of Packraft Cross

1st– Jonathan Neville

2nd– Rik

Winners of Rafter Cross

1st– Team Awesome Boof: Jeff
 Shelton, Candyce Montepare, 
Kirin Riddell, 
 Nielsen, Wil Brown

2nd-Team MRTO: John Lloyd,
 Ryan Motz,
 Renee Welty, 
Kyle Myers,
 Fletcher Tague

Huge thanks to the 2014 sponsors!!

Alpacka Rafts, AMH, Wrangell Mountain Air, The New Golden Saloon, The Potato, Susitna Sled & Kayak,

Firnline, NRS, AK Raft & Kayak, Astral Designs